N850HJ, N850HK1, N857HK1 & N870HK1 BIOS Update

NOTE: This is NOT applicable to the N850HP6, N870HP6 or any other model not specifically listed.

Eluktronics N8 Series BIOS

BIOS update Instructions for Windows 10:

Step 1. Plug in AC Adapter.  Please close all browser and programs windows before proceeding.

Step 2. Please download the above file. (Select "Save File" rather than "open file").

Step 3. Navigate to the download location and extract the zip package to a known location.  To extract folder, right click on the downloaded folder and select "Extract All"

Step 4. Navigate to the "ALL" folder located in the saved download location.  Example of download location: "C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\N8xxH BIOS\N850HK\N85HK_1.05.10TEI1\ALL" 

Run file WMeset.exe located in "ALL" folder. 

Follow prompts to agree to make changes, system will automatically restart.

Step 5. Once PC has restarted, open Command Prompt (CMD) and Run as administrator.

Step 6: Change directory to extracted "ALL" folder in Command Prompt.  You may copy the full directory from the address bar at the top of the directory window.

Example of change directory command "cd C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\N8xxH BIOS\N850HK\N85HK_1.05.10TEI1\ALL" (No Quotations)

Step 7: Type FlashMeWinX64.bat and press enter.

Step 8: Allow BIOS update to be performed.  Once completed, the directory with a blinking cursor will be at the bottom of the window.  Type exit to close the window.  Proceed to the start menu and shutdown the PC.

Step 9: After system shutdown, please remove the AC adapter for five seconds, re-insert the adapter and power on the system.  The PC may power on and shut down once before powering back on.

Step 10: Accept the two prompts. (Press enter twice)

Step 11. Continue to enjoy your Eluktronics laptop!