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Eluktronics P650 Series 15.6-Inch NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Gaming Laptop

P650HP6 / P650HP6-G / P650HS-G (Product SKU dependent on graphics card selection)

Product Description

The P650 series is ready for graphic designers, gamers or any PC enthusiast seeking a high performance yet thin and mobile laptop. Powered by Intel's 7th gen Kaby Lake CPU & NVIDIA's latest Pascal™ architecture to breeze through workloads. A performance SSD handles your pertinent system files and illustrates the true potential of what this hardware has to offer.  With a sleek "sleeper" chassis, this PC exudes performance which doesn't scream "look at me" in the process. Bring this PC in to professional environments with confidence that your inner childhood's love of toys isn't expressed by the colors and shapes found from most gaming laptops. Discover next-gen VR performance, the lowest latency, and plug-and-play compatibility with leading headsets-driven by NVIDIA VRWorks technologies. VR audio physics, and haptics let you hear and feel every moment.  Crank your settings up to ultra and prepare for the future of gaming with Eluktronics.  Build your next PC with all of the possible options this PC has to offer right here!

Operating System Options:

  • Windows 10 Home (64-Bit) - Clean Install - No Bloatware - Drivers Only
  • Windows 10 Professional (64-Bit) - Clean Install - No Bloatware - Drivers Only

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Quad Core (2.8-3.8GHz TurboBoost, 6MB L3 Cache)

Core Logic: Mobile Intel® HM175 Express Chipset

RAM (Memory) Options:

  • 8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (1 Dimm)
  • 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (1 Dimm)
  • 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (2 Dimm)
  • 64GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (4 Dimm)

Display Options:

  • 15.6" Full HD IPS Anti-Glare Display (1920 x 1080)
  • 15.6" Full HD 120Hz 5ms Anti-Glare Display (1920 x 1080)
  • 15.6" QFHD 4K Anti-Glare Display (3840 x 2160)

No Dead/Zero Dot Pixel Policy Options- Eluktronics provides options to guarantee your panel will be pixel free far longer than any competitor!

  • None
  • 30 day No Dead Pixel Guarantee
  • 90 day No Dead Pixel Guarantee
  • 1 Year No Dead Pixel Guarantee

Graphics Card Options:

  • 6GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060
  • 6GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 & G-Sync Technology
  • 8GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 & G-Sync Technology

M.2 SATA or PCIe SSD Drive (Primary Drive C:):  Customer option - "M.2" is an internal form factor also referred to as the Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF).  A SATA & PCIe M.2 SSD look very much the same.  However, PCIe technology provides roughly 4-5 times faster read and write output speeds than SATA.

Secondary M.2 Storage SSD: Customer option

Primary Hard Disk 2.5" SATA III Storage Bay: Customer option - Eluktronics recommends the 5TB 5400RPM hard drive option to get the best bang for your buck in storage!

Secondary Hard Disk 2.5" SATA III Storage Bay:  Customer option

Optical Drive: N/A - External Option Available

Wireless: Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8265 2x2 + Bluetooth 4.2

Keyboard: Premium customizable full color LED backlit keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad; W/A/S/D gaming keys. Change the colors and glow effects of your full-size illuminated backlit keyboard exactly to your preference plus there are multiple brightness settings depending on how much light you need in the dark!

Mouse: Built-in touchpad with Microsoft® Precision Touchpad (PTP) multi-gesture and scrolling function. Dedicated left and right buttons.

Webcam: 2.0MP Full HD Webcam and Array Mic. Microphone supports Windows 10 Cortana Voice Command

Ports: 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 port (Type-C), 3 USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI™ 2.0 (with HDCP), 2 Mini DisplayPort v1.3, Gigabit Ethernet, 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Headphone & S/PDIF Coaxial output), 1 Microphone jack, 6-in-1 SD Card reader

Added Security: Fingerprint Reader; TPM 2.0; Kensington® Lock

Extras: Control Center application allows you to control power options, switch from hybrid to discrete graphics plus customize fan settings & display/keyboard backlighting depending on power selection.

Flexikey® application allows you to create custom macros for ease of use in gaming or applications which have a complex set of keyboard shortcuts. Post express text options for commonly used strings of text or launch applications at the press of a button which you don't commonly use on your keyboard!

FlexiAccess® is a free application available for Eluktronics customers with an Android based phone or tablet which allows you to overclock the GPU, monitor heat levels & adjust fan speeds accordingly to reach the highest output of safe gaming performance without leaving the full screen of a game on your PC! Pascal series graphics is required & Bluetooth connectivity must be available on the external device. Warranty will be voided if GPU is consistently overclocked to unsafe temperatures.

External 5.1 channel audio output is supported by 2-in-1 Audio, microphone, and Line-out jacks

This PC can handle 4 active displays at once and supports NVIDIA® Surround View via the HDMI and two mini DisplayPorts.

The included NVIDIA GTX graphics card is an innovative GPU created to meet the demands of next-generation displays, ultra-high-resolution support, multiple monitors and is Virtual Reality (VR) Ready. NVIDIA GameWorks™ technologies give you extremely smooth, cinematic gameplay, plus revolutionary NVIDIA Ansel™ that lets you capture 360-degree in-game images and view them in VR.


  • Sound Blaster® X-FI® MB5 with Onkyo Speakers; ANSP 3D sound technology on headphone output <--Paired with 1060 Options
  • Sound Blaster® X-FI® MB5 with Onkyo Speakers; ESS SABRE HiFi DAC on headphone output <--Paired with 1070 Option


  • 200 Watt AC Adapter <--Included power supply with 1060 graphics selection.
  • 230 Watt AC Adapter <--Included power supply with 1070 graphics selection.

Battery: 4-Cell 60Wh Polymer

Product Dimensions:

  • 15.16" x 10.66" x 1.0"  <--Dimensions for 1060 graphics options.
  • 15.16" x 10.66" x 1.13" <--Dimensions for 1070 graphics option.

Weight: Starting at 5.15lbs (configuration choices will affect weight)

Finish: Al-alloy brushed

Warranty: Customer option
Eluktronics is proud to offer USA based support.  You'll get to speak with a knowledgeable I.T. professional who builds these PC's every day.  Reach out for fast and clear assistance in the event of an unfortunate issue!

Warranty Information

Eluktronics warrants this Eluktro Pro laptop within the USA for the length which is selected during customization. "No ADH" also known as "accidental damage handling" means the PC will not be covered under any circumstance of human error (ie: drops or liquid spills).

The boxes and packaging included with your purchase is specially designed to securely ship the PC and contents. Please hold on to all provided packaging during the warranty period for ease and security of transit if a physical repair is required. Customer assumes responsibility to attain necessary shipping materials to securely package the PC if original packaging has been disposed.

Eluktronics Inc will cover shipping to and from customer with a provided prepaid label within the USA. If the product has been brought outside of the USA, customer will be liable for shipping to and from location plus any customs or duties assessed.

Eluktronics Inc assumes no liability for PC's which have been exported. Reasons include loss or damage during cargo/freight forwarding or possible defect upon arrival. Additionally, power supplies, connections and wattage's are specific to each region.

Tech Specs

7th Gen Intel™ Quad Core CPU
15.6" Full HD or optional 4K Ultra HD
Optional 6GB or 8GB GDDR5 Nvidia 1060 & 1070
Intel® Dual-Band Wireless 2x2 AC + Bluetooth 4.2
Premium Full-size Color Illuminated Backlit Keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad

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Product Reviews

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  1. Best laptop I've owned

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2017

    Beyond pleased with the build quality and specs for the price. I did a lot of research before purchasing and Eluktronics wasn't a name I was familiar with. Glad I chose this over MSI or Asus which is what I was initially looking at.

  2. It's a beast

    Posted by Murphy on 9th Jun 2017

    Has above average performance for below average price. Ordered Friday, received on Tuesday with expedited shippinget (DE to Barrow, AK.)

  3. Not great for the price

    Posted by Amelie Krikorian on 30th May 2017

    The day after my son got the computer, it suddenly stopped working. He went online and found out that this was a common problem (!) and to try taking out the battery and replacing it. 14 screws later, he got the computer working again. This computer also randomly disconnects from the WiFi and refuses to reconnect for an hour at a time. No one else's computer is doing this so it's not the WiFi, and we have the highest level of high speed and range offered by Verizon. No really impressed for $1,400!!!!

  4. Can't find a better quality/price ratio anywhere.

    Posted by JP on 22nd May 2017

    Nothing revolutionary in this review but just wanted to confirm what others have pointed out. I ordered the laptop from the eluktronics page and received it a few days later, which was impressive by itself.

    I ordered the P650 with GTX1070/GSync, i7-7700HQ, 32gb memory, M2.PCIe NVMe 128 gb SSD (I installed my own 500gb Samsung EVO as a secondary drive), 15.6" but decided against the 4K. I also added the arctic silver to the GPU and CPU which was a thoughtful option. My previous laptop was basically obsolete the second I opened the box.

    The build quality is obvious, this is a sturdy machine- one of the things I worried about was weight. I knew given the specs that this would be no ultrabook but I was surprised that it wasn't any heavier (perhaps a bit lighter) than my old underpowered laptop. Plenty of ports, although I do sort of wish the power cord plugged into the side instead of the back (small point).

    Obviously this depends on your build, but this thing is FAST. I do a lot of memory-intensive graphic work with massive files (20gb+) and this machine handles anything I can throw at it. It certainly helps that the software build is sleek and carries no bloatware that I've found.

    As for games, this can compete with most desktops and runs at reasonable temps (great tip about keeping fan high from previous reviewers.

    All in all, this is now the only company I will buy from and I can't recommend them enough.

  5. better than best

    Posted by Edward on 18th Apr 2017

    I ordered a laptop P650 Series 15.6-Inch, top of the line laptop, to be used in Israel.
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to have it delivered directly to my country, so I had to get help of a friend who lives in the USA who received the laptop for me and another friend, who was visiting the USA for a few days, received it from my friend and brought it to me.
    In order to accomplish this transaction, the delivery to my USA friend had to be within 4 to 5 days, with a weekend in the middle.
    The guys at Eluktronics just performed a wonderful job, by assembling the laptop to my specs, including a cooling system and shipped it the very same day! I this is not top of the line service, what is?
    Today, I had Hebrew letters engraved on the keyboard, so I can now use the laptop in both languages. It runs smooth, silent and faster than eye-blink!
    I am really impressed by both the outstanding service and the quality of the laptop.
    Thank you all the team at Eluktronics!

  6. Buy from this company!

    Posted by Nick on 19th Mar 2017

    So to start this off, I did a LOT of research into the various laptops available and their specifications versus others. I found that the Eluktronics laptop provided the best value for the money as well as customization that just isn't available from any major laptop brand. I'll break the review down to outside and inside.

    The outside of the laptop is beautiful with brushed aluminum in black and gray configuration. My only complaint on the finish as many have mentioned is the amount of fingerprints that get left on the case! The one and only complaint I have about my new laptop is there is quite a bit of flex in the monitor screen. Not a huge deal but could be a problem! On to the keyboard, it is fully backlit in three zones with full RGB color. The keys have great travel and feel great. The touchpad is fantastic, very responsive and I could use it to game on, of course that isn't the preferred method. The fingerprint scanner between the right and left buttons is not a great place in my opinion, but it works. It takes some getting use to but the fingerprint scanner is a nice touch. I don't think it is really thought about, but the front LED lights are a great feature that many laptops don't have anymore and it gives you great information including your locks, CPU, GPU usage, power, and battery. Next, the ports available are about as future proof as any laptop on the market. There are two USB 3.1 thunderbolt ports, three USB 3.0 ports, two mini display ports, one HDMI, one RJ-45 ethernet port, an SD card reader as well as a SIM card slot. Disappointed a bit about not having a CD drive, but that is a manageable problem!

    My configuration came with the i7-7700hq and a GTX 1070 GPU. The combination is fantastic paired with the 4K G-sync screen. I have yet to find a new game I can't play! The build also contained a 128GB M.2 SSD and the massive 5TB secondary storage. Boot times and load times are next to nil with those drives. I elected to go with 32 GB of RAM and have scored high benchmarks. The only negative I can find on the hardware is that the 4K screen can cause compatibility issues with some programs. The type is minuscule and very hard to read as some programs to not react well to scaling if at all. If I had to do it again, I would probably get a standard 1080p screen. Also, as many have noted, the only programs on the computer are the ones necessary to run it and as an added bonus fan controller, keyboard RBG, and GPU and RAM overclocking software.

    As for temps while playing in 4K and pretty well maxing the GPU and CPU on the automatic fan curve, it ran up to 88-90C. However, maxing the fans the temperatures maintained much more manageable 75-80C. Recommend spending the extra to get the Arctic paste or do it yourself and run at full fan speed on ultra graphics to keep temps nice and cool. The fans can of course be noisy, but they are effective!

    Overall, the laptop is lightning fast and can run anything while looking sleek without all the LEDs and hey I have a gaming computer look. I highly recommend the company as service is great and responsive within a day. Custom built systems at a price that is affordable and beats any other manufacturer!

  7. Purchased as dedicated securities trading station.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2017

    Service was awesome. I ordered mine the Friday before Christmas. That evening I realized I missed the option to have a PCIe drive. I emailed after my order and that night Will responded with advice and the option to have the PCIe SSD configured into my order. He did this at 8:00 pm PT that night. Great Service.

    I purchased this computer as a dedicated trading station. I do appreciate the numbers pad for this reason. I also extend this workstation to other monitors for charting and watching price action of securities.

    The Power is tremendous. I went with windows Pro, 32gb ram, 6gb Nvidia, 512 PCIe with the 4K screen. I like the fact that it is a non-touch screen because I do not feel comfortable reaching up to the screen, I personally prefer using a mouse or track-pad. I know there are many who are avid touch screen users but I am not one of them. I also have a MAC and its track-pad is better but kind of worthless for the type of charting that I do.

    It is super fantastic to have NO bloatware. That is a huge difference for me. I have had other computers where I am constantly bombarded with bloatware conflicts and irrelevant driver updates.

    I did notice there is a tiny amount of edge bleed around the periphery of the screen. I can only see it when the screen is blank, probably normal though.

    I have also noticed that this laptop is a finger print magnet, but I clean my computer pretty regularly so not a problem for me.

    This computer works perfectly for my needs. I have yet to have any hick-ups in my 2 weeks of usage.

    I am able to access large amounts of historical and live securities data with zero delay.

  8. Power of a Desktop in Laptop Form

    Posted by Topher on 18th Oct 2016

    Let me start out by saying before I made this purchase, I probably did a months worth of research. I began by looking at the big brands like Dell, HP, MSI, etc. and none of them could meet my requirements and then I accidentally stumbled upon a listing for Eluktronics on Amazon. I had never heard of Eluktronics before so I did some additional research to make sure they were on the level which they were. After customizing the exact machine I wanted via their website, I pull the trigger and order the best laptop I have ever had.

    I have now had this laptop for a little over two months now and this laptop is the single best investment I have made all year, it is exactly what I was looking for from the major brands only better. I am on the road a lot but need a lot of power and absolutely hate waiting on programs. The Pro15re does not disappoint. Windows starts up after entering by BitLocker key in about 10 seconds. Once I login, everything is immediately ready and I can start any program I need without waiting. What use to take me about 15 minutes to do on my old Dell is done in less than a minute with this laptop. The speed is unbelievable and even surpasses my last desktop that was built more like an enterprise server more than anything.

    During programming compiling or photo editing, this laptop doesn't make more than a whisper of noise which is a huge plus. The sound of jet engines can be very distracting when you are trying to work in the background and the cooling system is obviously very well designed. I think I have only heard the fans come on once and that was due to a driver error (unrelated to the hardware that comes with the laptop) resulting in a crash so I do know they are working if need be.

    The display is stunning, so stunning in fact that my recently purchased 1080P external monitor looks like garbage compared to what gets displayed on the laptop screen. If anything, this laptop has showed me there really is a difference between 1080p and 4K resolutions which may be the only downside to the laptop. You will want to upgrade your other monitors if they aren't already 4K after viewing the screen on this.

    This laptop is obviously well thought out too. There are plenty of USB ports, the keyboard lights up with brightness adjustable (6 different levels including off), all the important function keys, a fingerprint scanner, HD webcam, decent speakers (they could use more bass but that's pretty typical) and even an 1Gbps ethernet port. The case is extremely sturdy and doesn't feel like cheap flimsy plastic that most come to associate with a laptop these days. For those that require the best security, a TPM module is on board so you can take full advantage of BitLocker. The best part was there was no crapware installed, it's an absolute clean version of Windows 10 with all the drivers ready to go. Nothing you don't need/want is installed which is very refreshing.

    I couldn't be more happy with my purchase from Eluktronics. If you are on the fence about one of these machines, just buy one, you will not be disappointed. It's like what Dell used to be before they began using inferior parts that were overpriced. Although I expect this laptop will last me a long time, I will be purchasing from Eluktronics again when it's time for an upgrade!

  9. Totally Satisfied

    Posted by Aidan Racaniello on 24th Aug 2016

    I want to start off by saying I was a little skeptical of the company at first, I had never heard of Eluktronics before but I am very satisfied with my purchase and glad I decided to go through with it.

    I am a college student and I wanted a mobile laptop that was light, and packed a punch while gaming. I am a few days into using the laptop and I have absolutely no complaints. Everything was packaged perfectly, and the product came exactly as described. The design is absolutely genius, combining the great cooling, with a ton of USB ports and ports for connecting monitors.

    I highly recommend this product if you are looking for strong customer support (which is top class, never had better customer support than these guys), and a dependable machine. I plan on buying from them (especially SSDs) in the future.

  10. The best I could have gotten!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2016

    I hate how some companies work these days. They're trying to get you to spend so much on their computers, and most of the time it's for less quality. This company right here has exceeded my expectations. The order was very quick, and the team here has been completely helpful through the entire process. This laptop has made me love this company, and I plan to stick with them for a long time. Mine was more designed for gaming, and it just slays everything I've thrown at it so far! Every game has been on High/Ultra settings. no frame rate issues whatsoever. For what I put into my laptop, other companies would have charged $300+. All in all, Eluktronics has proven to me that they are a company of professionals. I highly recommend picking up your next PC from them!!

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