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Eluktronics PRO15RE 15.6-Inch NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Gaming Laptop PC

PRO15RE / P650RE3 / P650RE6-G / P650RG-G (SKU dependant on configuration selected)

Product Description

Eluktronics is proud to offer a premium gaming notebook packed with pure performance options as a standard. This PC offers near equal performance to a gaming desktop with just as many ports, yet packed in an incredibly thin design. NVIDIA MaxwellTM graphics delivers faster, smoother gameplay and renderings with ease. Many PC manufacturers have taken a step back year after year to offer a cheaper product. Running an operating system off of a 5400RPM conventional hard drive with a Core i7 processor is the equivalent of installing a 4-cylinder engine in an exotic sports car. Eluktronics purchases premium components in bulk so we can provide a quality product without breaking the bank. Let's change the game, literally!

Configuration & Options:

Operating System:

  • Windows 10 Home (64-Bit) - Clean Install - No Bloatware - Drivers Only
  • Windows 10 Professional (64-Bit) - Clean Install - No Bloatware - Drivers Only


  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core (2.6-3.5GHz TurboBoost, 6MB L3 Cache)
  • Intel Core i7-6820HK Quad Core (2.7-3.6GHz TurboBoost, 8MB L3 Cache) <--Exclusive processor option for 980M graphics.

RAM: Optional DDR4 2133MHz 260-pin RAM (Max 64GB)

Customer selectable Display Options:

  • 15.6" Full HD IPS Anti-Glare (1920 x 1080)
  • 15.6" Ultra HD 4K Anti-Glare (3840 x 2160)

Customer selectable graphic card options:

  • 6GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 970M with G-Sync
  • 8GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 980M with G-Sync

Storage: Customer selectable option.
Premium quality MLC NAND

M.2 SATA/PCIe SSD:Customer selectable option. (Installed as primary if selected)

M.2 SATA SSD: Customer selectable option.

Optical Drive: N/A


Wireless: Intel® Dual-Band Wireless 8260 2x2 AC + Bluetooth 4.0

Keyboard: Premium Full-size LED Backlit Keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad

Webcam: 2.0M Full HD Webcam and Array Mic

Ports: 4 USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI, 2 Mini DisplayPorts, Gigabit Ethernet, 1 S/PDIF, 1 Headphone jack, 1 Microphone jack

Audio: Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5 with Onkyo Speakers

Added Security: Integrated Fingerprint Reader & TPM 2.0 (TPM disabled for Windows 7 Pro selection)

Power: 180 Watt AC Adapter

Battery: 4-Cell 60Wh

Weight: 5.9lbs

Finish: Al-alloy brushed

Warranty: Customer selectable option.


Warranty Information

Eluktronics warrants this Eluktro Pro laptop within the USA for the length which is selected during customization. "No ADH" also known as "accidental damage handling" means the PC will not be covered under any circumstance of human error (ie: drops or liquid spills).

The boxes and packaging included with your purchase is specially designed to securely ship the PC and contents. Please hold on to all provided packaging during the warranty period for ease and security of transit if a physical repair is required. Customer assumes responsibility to attain necessary shipping materials to securely package the PC if original packaging has been disposed.

Eluktronics Inc will cover shipping to and from customer with a provided prepaid label within the USA. If the product has been brought outside of the USA, customer will be liable for shipping to and from location plus any customs or duties assessed.

Eluktronics Inc assumes no liability for PC's which have been exported. Reasons include loss or damage during cargo/freight forwarding or possible defect upon arrival. Additionally, power supplies, connections and wattage's are specific to each region.

Tech Specs

6th Gen Intel™ Quad Core CPU
15.6" Full HD or optional 4K Ultra HD
Optional NVIDIA GTX 970M or 980M
Intel® Dual-Band Wireless 2x2 AC + Bluetooth 4.2
Premium Full-size LED Backlit Keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad

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Product Reviews

  1. An amazing laptop for an unbeatable price

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2017

    The laptop runs very smoothly. The keys are crisp and responsive, there is no 'bloatware', and the build quality is strong and sturdy without being too heavy. My only complaint would be that the fanning system tends to get a little loud when running some games on ultra setting, but it really isn't anything major. The screen also does appear to have a slight grayish tint, even at max brightness. But other than that, I am very pleased with my purchase.

  2. Most Capable Laptop I've Ever Owned!

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jan 2017

    I have a 2014 MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles and the overall performance and value does not begin to compare to the laptop I purchased from Eluktronics. I purchased the 15 inch GTX 1070 and this graphics card is definitely capable of playing games in 4k. All sports games (NBA2k, FIFA, etc.) I'm able to play in 4k, and it does a decent job (~30fps) on games like Tomb Raider and Battlefield 1 in 4k. I also took advantage of the host of storage options this laptop offers. I have a 256 SSD (Games), 128 PCIe SSD for the Operating System and other Programs, and a 1 TB installed for mass storage.

    I've had no issues with this laptop to date (owned for about 3 weeks). The performance continues to be lightning fast and the casing of the laptop is built very sturdy. I have no regrets with this purchase. Would definitely recommend picking up one.

  3. Great Laptop, Great Price

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Dec 2016

    I love this laptop so far. It has been running every game I've played so far on max and I couldn't be happier. The one negative thing I would have to say about the laptop is that the power button is very finicky and you have to push it hard in order to get it to power on the laptop, and also the keyboard keys sometimes don't register every time you press them and I think it's the same issue where you have to push down on them harder than you might be accustomed to. Other than that the laptop is great and all the customer support I've received has been excellent Eluktronics has turned out to be a great company and I would highly recommend their products to anyone I know.

  4. Great laptop!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Dec 2016

    Total War Warhammer on maxed out graphics no problem.
    Loving it so far.

  5. gtx 1070 4k

    Posted by Gene H on 24th Dec 2016

    I love this laptop. Graphics are great. Snappy response in photoshop and Adobe premiere.

  6. Excellent Laptop

    Posted by J. Smith on 15th Dec 2016

    I purchased this laptop as a kinda Christmas gift to myself. I have been researching desktops and laptops for months and kinda stumbled across eluktronics , after some research and comparisons iI decided to go with this laptop and I counldnt be more happy that I did it is an excellent laptop and look and this build compared to the many others out there and I sure you will see this is easily the best for the money. The laptop seems to be excellently built and runs like a dream. The customer service is top notched even if it's just to answer a quick email. You will not be disappointed in this purchase.

  7. Excellent laptop but screen keeps blacking out

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2016

    So I got the laptop, and it is literally everything you could hope for, except for the fact that the screen keeps on black in out for no reason while the power is on. Now I am forced to restart the computer as I couldn't get the screen on in anyway, so I am forced to restart the laptop and lose all my work. The other Clevo resellers haven't experienced this complaint, so I am not sure what the problem is, extremely irritating, if they don't fix this it is literally unusable.

  8. Great Value Laptop with Excellent Build

    Posted by Scott Mayberry on 23rd Sep 2016

    I bought this laptop on 9/17, and it was delivered within three days of my order. My last laptop, an Asus N550JV, broke a week before that (the hinges snapped), and I decided I needed an upgrade. I decided to do some research on what laptop to buy.

    I wanted a laptop that could play current games on high/ultra quality. My reasoning is that within the next 5 years gaming graphics will increase, and I wanted the ability to play games 5 years from now without having to upgrade my laptop. The p650 has a top of the line NVIDIA graphics card.

    I also wanted a SSD as my main drive, with a 7200 rpm harddrive to back it up. The p650 provided exactly that.

    After my last laptop broke, I decided to do research on this Eluktronics laptop before purchasing. The laptop build is based on the Clevo body design, which has gotten only great reviews. Its tough and resilient.

    The laptop comes with as many ports as needed. I wanted to run two monitors off my laptop, and this laptop can run up to 3.

    This laptop also comes with NO bloatware. Nothing added. Its exactly what I ordered.

    The laptop is also surprisingly light. I could barely believe it only weighed around 6 pounds with all the stuff Eluktronics put in it.

    So far I am extremely pleased with my eluktronics laptop. This product comes exactly as advertised and is a great piece of machinery. I will be adding to this review in a few months, as I have only had the laptop for about 2 days. But I believe Eluktronics has just made a life time customer.

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