Warranty Extensions

Tired of spending hours on the phone with overseas support for warranty assistance who seem to have no idea what they're doing?  We have!  The truth is, most PC companies outsource I.T. support and they're simply reading from prompts.  The chances of their support channel having personally ever worked, let alone seen the computer you're calling in to diagnose for support is slim to none.

As a premium feature to purchasing a PC from Eluktronics, we offer USA based support for every PC we sell in conjunction with the manufacturer warranty.  Purchase an extended warranty to protect your PC for up to three years for peace of mind.  Eluktronics warranty entitles you to USA based coverage for the length of your choice.  Speak with someone who knows the products we sell and has personally worked on day in and day out.  We do not read from prompts and you'll get to speak directly with our I.T. if you encounter an issue.  This covers your PC for everything except for human error or physical damage such as drops and spills.  Shipping is included to and from our facility, but the packaging is your responsibility.  It's imperative you have something to securely ship your PC.  Eluktronics highly recommends holding on to the manufacturer packaging and the shipping materials we include to securely transport the delivery to your door.

*Extended warranties are only applicable for Eluktronics PC's regardless of the marketplace in which the purchase took place.  However, the extension must be purchased within 30 days of receipt.  If you'd like to purchase an extended warranty from Eluktronics after 30 days, the PC will need to be shipped to our facility for assessment to verify if support can be offered.  Extended warranties can not be purchased or applied under any circumstance if the manufacturer warranty has expired.  Shipping labels to and from Eluktronics facility is only applicable for PC's located in the USA.  If you have exported your PC or are traveling outside of the country, it is your responsibility for shipping and any associated custom/duty costs to and from our facility if hardware support is required.  It is the customers responsibility to securely package PC's for transit which require hardware support.  Eluktronics will not be responsible for PC's damaged in transit to our facility*

Please provide your order number from the marketplace you purchased your Eluktronics PC to your warranty purchase.