16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM Upgrade

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Customer has requested to purchase an extra 16GB DDR4 2666MHz sodimm to upgrade and maintain full system warranty with Eluktronics.



If you're purchasing to upgrade a current order which has yet to be produced, please include the order number from the marketplace the PC was purchased.  If the order number is not provided or the PC has already been produced, the component will be shipped separately.



*Image is for illustration purposes only.  Brand of memory & color of PCB may vary.


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Mike McLaren Jun 6th 2017

Top notch customer service A+++. Thanks Will

Bought one of their gaming laptops from them through a third party vendor. I live in Hawaii and 5 days later my computer was at my door. For Hawaii that is pretty damned quick!!! This review is about their customer service. They test each and every computer going out, so something must have happened during shipping because it wouldn't boot up. Not off to a great start......Then they absolutely hit the ball out of the park when I called customer service for assistance. After patiently working with me to resolve the issue, it was decided to return the laptop. Within less than fifteen minutes they sent me the RMA and a pre paid shipping label and off to the post office I went. Since they were sending another unit, I decided to max out the ram even though I knew this would probably delay the delivery. Boy was I wrong!!! I don't know how they did it, but they had that replacement with the upgrade to my door 3 days after I shipped the first one back!!! It works flawlessly!! As far as the product itself goes, I will say this: I am basically a nerd on computers, I know just enough to really mess one up bad if I am not careful. When my computer geek friend came over to check out my new machine...well not trying to be rude here...but he damn near busted a nut on it! We downloaded Fallout and it plays on the ultra high setting with no problems at all. I now have a very jealous geek friend ;0) I have no problems in this world recommending Eluktronics to anyone. They will absolutely be my first choice for any computer needs in the future.

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