2TB 7mm SSHD Hybrid Hard Drive Upgrade

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Customer has requested to purchase a 2TB 5400RPM 7mm SATA III hybrid hard drive (SSHD) to upgrade their Eluktronics laptop and maintain the full system warranty.



If you're purchasing to upgrade a current order which has yet to be produced, please include the order number from the marketplace the PC was purchased.  If the order number is not provided or the PC has already been produced, the component will be shipped separately.


Reviews (2)

Omar Mar 27th 2018


Was able to install on my P650RP6 model laptop. Figured out how to take apart the laptop but wish there were instructions.

Glenn Dec 15th 2017

Speedy little drive

After using SSD's for the last year, I was surprised by the performance of this drive. I thought I'd have to wait for the drive to spin up, but honestly there's very little to no lag. The reviews on A-zon for this drive are very good. Cant go wrong, provides the needed space when your SSD drives run out of headroom!

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