Eluktronics HIVE-65 Gaming Mouse & Mousepad Bundle

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Eluktronics HIVE-65 eSports 65 Gram 3389 Paracord Gaming Mouse:
We set out to make an eSports grade gaming mouse at an affordable price, and we succeeded. Zero corners were cut with the HIVE-65. ULTRA lightweight honeycomb design, keeps this mouse at a perfect 65 grams. The cable is an ultra flexible Paracord that makes this mouse feel wireless. Utilizing an ergonomic medium sized shell that fits the widest range of hand sizes, while feeling like it was made just for you. The large side buttons are perfectly placed to be used for important in game keybinds. The left and right buttons feature the most durable, long lasting Omron switches available.

Eluktronics Large Stitched Edge Smooth Surface Mousepad:
The Eluktronics gaming mousepad is a smooth high endurance and thick 4mm cloth mat for high-DPI gaming mice and pairs very well with the Luminosa. With reinforced stitched edges, you'll have no concern of dreaded peeling over time like the common mousepad. A nonslip rubber base provides stability. This mousepad is decently larger than your average mousepad and gives you extra real estate to move around without running off the edge.

This bundle includes:

1 x Eluktronics HIVE-65 eSports 65 Gram 3389 Paracord Gaming Mouse

1 x Eluktronics Large Stitched Edge Smooth Surface Mousepad

1 Year USA Based Warranty


Reviews (3)

Brandon Draves Aug 3rd 2020

Wonderful Bundle!

This bundle is truly amazing! I love the soft but rigid mouse pad and the stitching is a nice touch. The mouse is the best one I've ever used! It is bright, accurate and light. The mesh cable is also very light to the point I don't even notice it. I highly recommend this bundle to anyone needing a good mouse pad and mouse!

David W Jun 29th 2020

Eluktronics Luminosa Gaming Mouse & RGB Mousepad Bundle

I chose this as my addon when ordering my MAX-17 and love them! yep, they're pretty, you do have software you can dnload from this site that gives you decent control over the mouse. The mouse pad is also light in a ring around the edge and plugs in via usb, I've been leaving it unplugged when on battery to save every bit I can but works great either way! as the other reviewer stated, they're both great construction quality and downright useful! I've used Logitec mice for years and this is at least equal quality. brilliant guys, well done!!

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