Eluktro Pro Performance 8GB RAM (8GB x 1 dimm) DDR3/DDR3L 1600 MHz (PC3-12800) CL9 SODIMM 204-Pin 1.35V/1.5V Memory for Laptops

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Eluktronics Inc. is proud to offer our own line of premium components for laptops which meets & exceeds industry standards. Plus, we are the outlier from the rest offering an entire line of products built in the USA! Our RAM is compatible with any laptop, notebook, UltrabookTM or Netbook PC requiring the PC3 & PC3L 12800 speed specification. If you're not sure which RAM will work with your PC, just send us a message! We have two series to choose from: The Eluktro Performance line offers CAS timings of 11-11-11. The Eluktro Pro line is for the extreme performance enthusiasts demanding the fastest delivery CAS timings of 9-9-9. Whichever you choose, Eluktro series components are ready to handle the needs of today's latest technology.

Premium Construction & Quality:
A sturdy build plus rigorous testing guarantees you unparalleled reliability and stability for hassle-free use in challenging environments.

Low power 1.35 voltage can handle industries latest standards including AMD processors and Intel's 4th generation i7 processors. Eluktro series RAM is backward compatible with 1.5 voltage as well.

Customer Service:
From solid state hard drives to internal memory, Eluktronics offers top notch quality paired with USA based support. Reach out to our team for support you'd expect. No prompts, no hoops to jump through, no hassle!


Current Selection: Eluktro Pro Performance
Capacity Size: 8GB

tCL: 9
tRCD: 9
tRP: 9
tRAS: 28

Voltage: 1.35V
Speed Spec: PC3-12800
Frequency: 1600MHz

Type: SODIMM Module
Pin Type: 204-Pin

Eluktronics Inc is here for you. We will provide you with a quality product, service and our RAM includes a LIFETIME warranty!


Reviews (1)

Nikita H. May 28th 2015

Very solid performance and build for your dollar.

I received this PC last week and I'll give my opinion thus far. Customer service was above reproach; I called and they were knowledgable and friendly and local (from a global perspective.) I couldn't recommend the company any more positively. I've had a clevo platform laptop before and I loved it and this continues the trend. This is based off the 650se, a move to make them slimmer while retaining some respectable power. They succeeded on both fronts. This is remarkably thinner and lighter than my 2013 MSi GX60, and with the white backlit keys and understated finishes it looks sleek and very business-like. The hinges have a little flex but no worrisome wobble, and the screen is as sturdy as you would expect it to be in a thin(ner) form laptop. It has flex if you force it, but why would you? The only downside is that the motherboard and GPU are soldered. There's no room for any other option in this thin platform, so don't plan on upgrading them. I ordered mine with the FHD screen, 16gb of ram and a 256gb SSD. I'll add another hard drive later, but that's not relevant. I wanted enough hdd space to get up and running with a few games while I shop for a good deal on a much larger SSD. There's plenty of expansion room with 2x M2 slots and another 7mm slot. There are also 4x total slots for ram, 2 under the keyboard and 2 under the access panel. To my understanding the two under the keyboard will both be utilized with your RAM selection, ie 8gb = 2x 4gb sticks, because who wants to pull their keyboard? Speaking of keybaords, this one has a good feel for typing, a mellow backlight, and the wasd keys have red arrows on them. No complaints. I also liked the physical seperation of the left and right trackpad keys, it gives you a satisfying click. I use a wired external mouse anyways, but when I take it with me for work I like to have a usable trackpad. Windows 8 gestures didn't always register. Speakers sound good for what they are, they seemed balanced at higher volumes. The inclusion of the soundblaster software was a nice touch and gives the audio a bit more substance than it may have with hardware alone. Actual performance is easier to review online. The GTX970 is well regarded with a huge increase over the 8xx series in every way, up to 50% in some cases. The i74720HQ multi-tasks with ease and didn't leave me wishing I had more. I run on a stock clock until I feel the need to do otherwise and I think I'll be fine for quite some time here. Games I've played on Ultra with no hiccups: Heart of the swarm, witcher 2, skyrim, WoW, etc. I don't play a lot of the newer games that are more demanding, but reviews on the video card at a 1080p resolution seem to indicate that there should be no problem playing anything at all. I am enamored with this little piece of hardware.

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