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We set out to make an eSports grade gaming mouse at an affordable price, and we succeeded. Zero corners were cut with the Luminosa. The cable is an ultra flexible Paracord that makes this mouse feel wireless. Utilizing an ergonomic medium sized shell that fits the widest range of hand sizes, while feeling like it was made just for you. The large side buttons are perfectly placed to be used for important in game keybinds. The left and right buttons feature the most durable, long lasting Omron switches available. Fully customizable RGB lighting with the Eluktronics Software. Supporting up to 8 DPI presets that can be cycled through with the Up and Down buttons located behind the textured rubber scroll wheel. These buttons can also be defined as Macros through the Software. Experience the highest performance with the Eluktronics Luminosa!


Cable: Resistance free Paracord

Cable Length: 64in

Sensor: 3389 Optical Sensor

Switches: Left and Right click Omron (50 million click rating) All other buttons are Huano switches (20 million click rating)

Weight: 94g

NOTE: There is a thin plastic protective layer on the plastic mouse feet, this is intended to be removed.

Software is available at www.Eluktronics.com/Luminosa-software


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Jordan Jul 12th 2019

Awesome Mouse

Everything you need to customize the mouse. Hardware and performance are amazing.

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