To update your TPM edition:


1.     Please download the provided file and extract to a known location on the C: Drive

 Click here to Download

2.     Verify your TPM Version on the system by launching “Run” and entering tpm.msc


3.     To access BIOS, please restart PC and immediately begin tapping F2 key repeatedly until BIOS is reached.


4.     Please go to the Security tab at the top and Disable TPM Device in BIOS Setup Menu.


5.     Save and exit BIOS after TPM is disabled


6.     Once on the desktop, click the start button in the bottom left hand corner of the PC and type “Command Prompt”, right click and “Run as administrator”


7.     Change directory to known location of extracted files


(Ex: cd “C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ CallTpmBat 563_0116”)


8.     Execute the bat file based on your current version in the extracted file folder.


(Ex: Current Version: 5.61.2785.0 = 561_2785_0_to_563.bat)


9.     Allow update to perform and exit command prompt once completed


10.  Restart PC and start tapping F2 to access BIOS and re-enable TPM


11.  Save changes to BIOS & continue to enjoy your PC!