Eluktronics Ultimate Gaming Bundle

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The Eluktronics Accessory Kit is the ultimate bundle to compliment your gaming PC. We focus on manufacturing high quality hardware and components that we're proud to offer at an extremely reasonable cost. Let's dive in:

Eluktronics Professional Gaming Headset:

The professional gaming headset features high fidelity audio through 50mm speaker drivers, an adjustable noise cancelling microphone. Padded protein leather provides extreme comfort and softness with plenty of wear resistance. The headset has an ultra durable aluminum frame which can be adjusted in height. It fits snug, but not too tight around (most) ears so there is little pressure after hours of usage. The icon will light up in Eluktronics blue when you plug in the USB, but can also be used unplugged without any loss of audio quality. Impedance rating 32 Ohms with a sensitivity of 110 decibels. In-line control provides ability to change the volume and disable the microphone at a hardware level. An adapter is included to be able to connect to other consoles or devices which use a dedicated line-in and dedicated microphone out jack. One of our favorite features is the ability to remove the microphone so these look and work just like regular headphones for enjoying music on the go!

Eluktronics HIVE-65 eSports 65 Gram 3389 Paracord Gaming Mouse:
We set out to make an eSports grade gaming mouse at an affordable price, and we succeeded. Zero corners were cut with the HIVE-65. ULTRA lightweight honeycomb design, keeps this mouse at a perfect 65 grams. The cable is an ultra flexible Paracord that makes this mouse feel wireless. Utilizing an ergonomic medium sized shell that fits the widest range of hand sizes, while feeling like it was made just for you. The large side buttons are perfectly placed to be used for important in game keybinds. The left and right buttons feature the most durable, long lasting Omron switches available.

Eluktronics Large Stitched Edge Smooth Surface Mousepad:
The Eluktronics gaming mousepad is a smooth high endurance and thick 4mm cloth mat for high-DPI gaming mice and pairs very well with the Luminosa. With reinforced stitched edges, you'll have no concern of dreaded peeling over time like the common mousepad. A nonslip rubber base provides stability. This mousepad is decently larger than your average mousepad and gives you extra real estate to move around without running off the edge.

Eluktronics 10 Foot High Speed Premium HDMI 2.0b Cable with Ethernet:
Aluminum exterior housing for the gold plated HDMI cable provides rigidity along with a premium touch. Connect your laptop to a monitor or HDTV with a cable you can trust will last. HDMI A Male to A Male Cable supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video and Audio Return Channel (ARC).

This bundle includes:

1 x Eluktronics Professional Gaming Headset

1 x Eluktronics HIVE-65 eSports 65 Gram 3389 Paracord Gaming Mouse

1 x Eluktronics Large Stitched Edge Smooth Surface Mousepad

1 x 10 Foot High Speed Premium HDMI 2.0b Cable with Ethernet

1 Year USA Based Warranty


Reviews (12)

IVD Dec 26th 2020

Bundle of Joy

This bundle is a great "bonus" for the laptops. Single handedly, the headphones are the best part of this bundle; they are incredibly comfortable and have great sound quality. The mouse is also good; it works well and the design is cool. I do think the mouse is almost too light weight wise, and sometimes makes it a little awkward to use at first. The braided cord is a good design feature though. I got the new, extended mousepad with the bundle. Good for a desktop workspace, but not so much for a laptop user on the go. Either way, it is comfortable to use and tracks well.

MB Oct 15th 2020


Awesome headphones for all your doings while playing music gaming or watching videos. Mouse and mousepad is great to. HDMI is added plus to the collection. Thanks

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