About Us

Eluktronics specializes in providing PC's with exceptional performance with a plethora of configuration options to our clients.  As a matter of fact, our PC's offer configurations that an average consumer wouldn't even know is possible!  Better yet, instead of trying to cut costs (like most companies inherently do), we purchase premium components in bulk, so we can provide a quality product without charging more!  We stock every product we sell (no drop-shipping) and on average build and ship your order in 2-3 business days.  No need to wait 2+ weeks for your brand new customized laptop to be built and shipped.  We're also incorporated in Delaware, so the price you see is the price you'll pay, unless you take advantage of our coupons;)
When you purchase from Eluktronics, you aren't just receiving the manufacturer warranty, you're receiving Eluktronics coverage as well.  What does this mean?  First off, Eluktronics coverage provides USA based service.  We aren't going to have you run a series of lengthy (unnecessary) tests or read from prompts.  We have a team of dedicated I.T. professionals who knows our product inside and out who you can speak with directly! 
If you have questions, are simply looking to learn more or even customize further, then give us a call!  If it's past our business hours, send us an e-mail for a surprisingly fast reply.

With today's technology, it's perplexing that a 5400RPM hard drive is still the industry standard for handling your operating and primary system files.  It's basically like purchasing a performance car with a 4 cylinder engine under the hood.  Let us install the American V8 muscle your machine deserves!  They always say it's tough to find a good mechanic, well we guarantee you've found yours here at Eluktronics!