How quick will my order ship? 

We look forward to put an exciting product in your hands as soon as possible.  Please understand the majority of orders we process are uniquely customized and require extra time and attention to build.  We offer multiple shipping options for customers to choose when placing orders.  For orders with a pre-order indication or an estimated ship date window, the anticipated date of arrival of your product to your door will be based on your selected shipping option:

Free Economy: 12 to 14 Business Days

Standard: 8 to 10 Business Days

Expedited: 3 to 5 Business Days


In the event your order does not depart within the estimated window, Eluktronics will cover the costs to enhance your delivery speed to ensure an on-time arrival based on your selected shipping speed.  Orders with advanced thermal upgrades (regardless of the shipping speed selected) require additional time to ensure proper application and testing has been performed before departure.


Eluktronics reserves the right to hold an order for additional verification if possible fraudulent flags are indicated.  We can not ship an order until payment verification has cleared.  We're selling expensive equipment and it's unfortunate how many dishonest people are out there.  Forgive us if it takes additional time to process, but we need to prevent risk as much as possible. 


Why do you have different options for other brands than what's available on the manufacturer's website?

Our goal is to provide PC's with exceptional performance.  If it were our preference, every PC would ship with a solid state drive (SSD).  Unfortunately most consumers simply look at the size of storage for their system rather than consider what speed it offers.  Most manufacturers offer conventional hard drives because those devices offer larger amounts of storage for a significantly lower cost than an SSD.  Manufacturer's are aware of this and we are too.  While we do offer configurations the average consumer seeks, we don't recommend it unless your intention is to upgrade the PC with your own parts.  Selecting a 5400RPM hard drive as your primary storage device with a Core i7 processor is the equivalent of buying a performance car with a 4-cylinder engine under the hood.  If you like twiddling your thumbs and waiting for applications to load, a 5400RPM hard drive is for you.  For everyone else, make the wise investment and select an SSD to handle your operating system and applications!


Will customizing of other brands you offer void my warranty?

No, as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the PC's we offer, this will not void your warranty.  However, if our parts cause the issue, we're responsible for providing the repair.  Eluktronics protects every PC we sell with the same coverage as the manufacturer for the length of the included warranty.  We also include a three year warranty on the SSD we include and a lifetime warranty with our RAM.  If you have any issue during the warranty, we recommend contacting us first for the fastest assistance.  We do not read from prompts or have you run unnecessary tests.  Speaking with someone who has personally worked with these systems is a HUGE advantage over someone reading from a manual.  


Why aren't your prices the same on every website?

We want to offer you the best price possible for your next purchase.  Different marketplaces assess different commissions or fees for the sale of the item.  Prices will fluctuate depending on the fees we're charged or if a special promotion or deal is offered on the respective marketplace.  Sometimes we offer deals that are actually even lower than our cost in efforts of building reviews and the products' reputation so keep your eyes peeled for some crazy offers!


Do your computers support Linux?

Our computers and drivers are setup to only support Windows 10. We do not recommend installing Linux, and we do not offer support for customers who decide to install.


Can I make an offer on an item I want?

Sorry, we offer the lowest possible prices when and where we can.  While merchandise is not open to offers, we frequently have coupons or promotions running on different merchandise.  Our home page consistently has promotions published in the carousel.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do sell and and ship our products worldwide.  International purchases are handled by our third party service provider, Zonos.  The taxes, customs, duties and/or all fees will be published before completion of your order.