Caring for your Laptop

  • Keep your PC clean and avoid having food and drinks nearby, especially foods with sugar.

  • Maintain the area where you use your PC and make sure it is relatively free of dust.

  • Consider investing in an air duster, especially if you have pets. It is a good idea to carefully clean out the vents and the fans on your PC periodically, at least once a year. Follow the manufacturer's guide for your specific PC on “how to” clean.

  • Install an antivirus scanner on your PC.

  • Defragment your hard drive on a regular basis. They are typically set up to run automatically. DO NOT DEFRAGMENT IF YOU HAVE AN SSD. SSD’s have built in trim support that is automatic. Running a Defragment from your PC can reduce the life and performance of an SSD.

  • Avoid putting pressure on your PC, laptop, as you can damage or break the screen or other internal components.

  • Consider purchasing a sleeve for your PC, laptop, for transportation and storage.

  • House your PC in a location where the vents and fans can work properly. This will prevent your PC from overheating.