230 Watt Replacement Adapter for MAX 17, MAX 15, MECH 15 G3 Series

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Get a replacement or back-up adapter for your MECH-15 G3, MAX-15 or MAX-17 series.  Be prepared with the right connection and power supply!*

Wattage: 230 Watt

Warranty: 1 Year Eluktronics


What's Included:

1 x 230 Watt Power Adapter

1 x Power Cord for AC Adapter Connectivity


*Note, the FSP adapter option is larger in size than the slim type Chicony that ships standard with our systems initially.


Reviews (3)

Jay Serrano Sep 21st 2020

It's an additional charger

I enjoy my Mech15 G3 laptop so much stationed at home that when I want to travel I don't want to get my plug that I discreetly snake from behind my table so I bought an extra one. Not happy how expensive it is, but that's my only grip. It's a EXTRA charger so nothing worth writing a review about.

Drew Jun 22nd 2020

Spare laptop charger

I purchased this as my spare laptop charger. I need a charger for my work and home and didn't want to lug the original around with me in my backpack. Works perfectly just like the original, although I'd hope so since it's the same as the original. Since I purchased my laptop on Amazon I had to pay full price, where purchasing your laptop direct from the Eluktronics website earns you a discount. My only complaint would be that I wish it were less expensive, but it's worth the price if you need two chargers like I do.

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