Eluktronics is a manufacturer of premium performance PC's and an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for most other PC brands.  Instead of trying to cut costs by offering a cheaper product, Eluktronics purchases premium components in bulk so you can receive a quality product without paying more!  Eluktronics stocks everything that is offered for sale, and on average, your order will ship in 2-3 business days.  However, please keep in mind, all Eluktronics systems are currently built to order and shipping time will vary based on holiday sales and promotions.
When you purchase from Eluktronics, you aren't just receiving a standard manufacturer warranty, you're receiving USA based coverage.  What does this mean?  We do not read from prompts or have you run a series of lengthy unnecessary tests.  We have a team of dedicated I.T. professionals whom you will speak with directly and work on the PC's we manufacture daily.  You will receive fast and clear support.

With today's technology, it's perplexing that a conventional 5400RPM hard drive is still the industry standard for handling your operating and primary system files.  It's equivalent to purchasing a performance car with a 4 cylinder engine under the hood.  Let us install the American V8 muscle your next PC deserves!  They always say it's tough to find a good mechanic, well we guarantee you've found yours here at Eluktronics!