These drivers are designed exclusively for Eluktronics MAG-15 series with a Windows 10 operating system:

01 - Chipset

02 - Serial IO

03 - Intel VGA *Update as of 12/9/2019

04 - Nvidia Graphics *Update as of 12/9/2019

05 - Card Reader

06 - Control Center *Update as of 02/18/2020 ~Note: Uninstall original Control Center and restart your system before installation.

07 - LAN *Update as of 11/6/2019

08 - Thunderbolt 3

09 - Audio

10 - Intel Smart Sound Technology *Update as of 10/15/2019 ~ Provides improvements to both internal and external microphone.

11 - Sound Blaster Audio *Update as of 10/9/2019 ~ Enjoy a better audio experience!

12 - Wireless

13 - Bluetooth

14 - Rapid Storage Technology

15 - Intel Thunderbolt Firmware Update *IMPORTANT Update as of 04/17/2020

NOTE: After the above drivers have been installed, please ensure you're connected to the internet and run Windows update.  There are certain drivers and applications which are supplied specifically through Windows update for this PC.

BIOS Update Now Available (Public Release 04/17/2020)


Installation Instructions in 3 easy steps:

1. Plug in AC Adapter

2. Extract folder to a known location on your PC.

3. Open and select QCCFL357.0062.BI file, right click and select "Run as administrator".  A window will open and begin the BIOS update.  Wait until the program instructs system will restart and type "Y" to continue.  System will reboot and begin BIOS update as shown below:


Do not unplug or power down the system during this process! System will shut down once complete.  Once the system has fully shut down, power your PC back on, uninstall current Control Center version and install the latest as posted above.