These drivers are designed exclusively for Eluktronics MECH-15 G3 Series with AMD 4800H, 5800H, 5900HX CPU's and NVIDIA 3000 Series GPU's. NOTE: If your system is missing any drivers please install these drivers before downloading a driver from the direct website, ie: Download our Nvidia Driver before downloading the latest version directly from Nvidia. Please contact support if you have any questions.

01 - AMD Graphics

02 - Audio 

03 - Card Reader

04 - Chipset

05 - Control Center (*Update - 3/10/2023)

06 - Dragon Networking Suite

07 - Intel Bluetooth

08 - Intel Wlan

09 - LAN *(Update - 04/04/2022)

10 - Nvidia Graphics

11 - RAID Driver

12 - THX APO


BIOS Update


1. Format a USB flash drive using FAT32. Unzip and copy all of the contents of the BIOS files directly into the root of the USB.
2. Ensure AC adapter is plugged in.
3. Restart the system and ensure “Secure Boot” is disabled from BIOS (F2 during boot) setup menu.  Save and exit.
4. As soon as the Eluktronics boot logo re-appears, tap "F7" repeatedly to access the boot options.  Select the respective USB device.
5. You will now enter the EFI shell environment (looks kind of like command prompt).  Depending on the amount of storage drives or partitions you have internal to your Eluktronics laptop, enter the appropriate path.  Example: Type "FS0:", press enter, type "LS" to list the directory.  If you find the EFI and ROM files here, continue to the next step.  If not, try FS1: and continue until you find the path. (Commonly FS3 for most customers with a single drive).
6. Type “F.nsh” and press enter.  
7. The system now perform the BIOS update and should reboot automatically once the BIOS update completes.  Do NOT unplug the AC adapter or press the power off during this process.
8. Go into BIOS setup menu and load optimal default settings under the “Exit” tab.
9. Repeat the same exact steps above except replace all files of the USB with the EC and enjoy!