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Jeff Sep 30th 2021

Replacement keyboard for laptop

I'm very pleased with my recent purchase from Eluktronics of a new keyboard for my 4-year-old N870HK1. The keyboard was in stock and shipped to me right away, arriving in a few days by ground-shipment (my choice). After watching several YouTube videos and talking to Eluktronics tech support briefly about the steps needed to carry out the replacement, I open the back of my laptop and popped the old keyboard out. There were no screws to deal with, but there could have been, in two locations. They weren't necessary, though, I then detached the connectors (having a magnifying glass and good illumination really helped to see how the connectors worked - they slid sideways, rather than swinging on an axis), carefully installed the new connectors, and gently pressed the keyboard into place. Getting the connectors into place was a bit delicate, but they really only fit one way. It's fairly obvious whether they're in correctly or not. The new keyboard ith the same quality and responsiveness as when my old keyboard was new, which relieved any apprehensions I had about it. I have had experience with after-market keyboards costing about $25 USD (for an old Dell laptop; Dell was out of replacements). That $25 price seemed good at first, but the after-market keyboard was terrible, with sticking keys and a spacebar that had to be depressed exactly in the center in order to function properly. $25 for a piece of junk is not a bargain, it's a rip-off. So, I didn't hesitate when I learned that a new keyboard (especially a back-lit one that is accompanied by the FlexiKey utility enabling macros) would cost about $85. You really get what you pay for in this case. Less costly keyboards are worthless, so on a utility/cost spectrum, the Eluktronics keyboard is a far greater value-for-money purchase than any after-market keyboard I've encountered.

Jarin Kroning Aug 22nd 2021

Laptop restored

It was a bit of a process to get the correct model replacement after 4 keys became non-functional on my N950KP6 laptop. The removal and installation was simple, there was an extra screw offset on the replacement, but it was easily removed and now my laptop is restored to full functionality. Eluktronics customer service was fantastic throughout the process.

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