Eluktronics Premium Multi-Color Backlit Keyboard Replacement

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Vinicius Dec 17th 2018

Easy installation

Product is very easy to install, even without manuals, you can email Eluktronics support team and they will walk you through.

Alan K Sep 25th 2018

Simple and easy install

I really wanted to rate this five stars. It is a great backlit keyboard. My only issue was that the original keyboard busted only a few months after warranty ran out. That’s why I gave it four stars. But it should be noted that this keyboard performs very well and it has adjustable lighting schemes. One other minute problem is this software to run those schemes is not smcurrently listed under the support page for my purchase rp670r 17” laptop. It should be noted I couldn’t find the software for overclocking that was originally provided. I will update this review later if I can find it under another laptop in the support page. Other than that I have to admit this laptop keyboard replacement was the easiest I have ever done and n a laptop (almost as easy as a desktop ;-) “plug in usb) two screw priperly labeled on bottom and a small hole provided to pop it out ontop. That was it. Thad more of a review for the case and design of it but still. Great job Eluktronics. Thank you to the tech support for answering my questions easily and always giving help and advice despite the warranty gone. That will help me upgrade and replace parts for years. I will come back for future purchases (although somehow amazon had your laptop listed for $59 cheaper than your own website..seemingly weird to me) Thank you, A satisfied customer. Alan K

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