Eluktronics Ultimate Gaming Bundle

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Newly refreshed and now wireless for both our mouse and headset!  The Eluktronics Accessory Kit is the ultimate bundle to compliment your gaming PC. We focus on manufacturing high quality hardware and components that we're proud to offer at an extremely reasonable cost. Let's dive in:

Eluktronics Covert Cans Low Latency Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset :

The Covert Gamer line welcomes a very exciting new addition for 2022!  We've paired low power consumption, low delay via Bluetooth 5.0 and a massive battery.  Users can easily and quickly enjoy the low latency mode that starts by default to enjoy game action and sound synchronization or switch to music mode for high-quality long lasting enjoyment.  Other features include a 3D sound effect for an immersive feeling, an illuminated icon with the ability to turn off instantly for a more professional appeal or back on when you're ready to show off your gamer side.

Eluktronics Covert Varmint 19000 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse:
There are so many different gaming mice in this world but prepare to be surprised by the Covert Varmint.  Every aspect about our 2022 edition Eluktronics mouse was built with quality in mind.  Zero corners were cut with the Covert Varmint.  Let's start off with Pixart's 19,000 3370 DPI sensor.  This is a precision wireless sensor that helps you zero in on your target with ultra-accurate, high-speed tracking with customizable DPI settings so you can fine-tune to your liking.  The built-in 700mA battery provides approximately 50 hours of use away from the cord.  However, you may not care to stay away from the cord in this circumstance.  When you need to charge or are seeking LOD functionality, the easy to connect type-c cable is designed with functionality in mind with ultra flexible Paracord cabling that makes this mouse almost still feel wireless. Utilizing an ergonomic medium sized shell that fits the widest range of hand sizes, while feeling like it was made just for you. The large side buttons are perfectly placed to be used for important in game keybinds. Good luck running these switches out, the left and right buttons feature an 80 million click rating!

Eluktronics Large @$$ Stitched Edge Smooth Surface Mousepad:
The Eluktronics large @$$ gaming mousepad is a high endurance and thick cloth mouse mat for high-DPI gaming mice. With reinforced stitched edges, you'll have no concern of dreaded peeling over time like the common mousepad. A nonslip rubber base provides stability.  The mousepad is large enough to fit a keyboard and mouse or any Eluktronics* gaming laptop and mouse.*

Eluktronics 6.5 Foot Ultra High Speed Premium HDMI 2.1 Cable:
Aluminum exterior housing for our 2022 generation HDMI cable provides rigidity along with a premium touch. Connect your laptop to an external monitor or HDTV with a cable you can trust will last. This HDMI A Male to A Male Cable supports ultra high speed 48GBPS bandwidth and can even deliver uncompressed 8K video with HDR.  These are also CL3 rated to provide a potential permanent in-wall solution!

This bundle includes:

1 x Eluktronics Covert Cans Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

1 x Eluktronics Covert Varmint 19000 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse

1 x Eluktronics Large @$$ Stitched Edge Smooth Surface Mousepad

1 x 6.5 Foot Ultra High Speed Premium HDMI 2.1 Cable

1 Year USA Based Warranty for all of the above!

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