Eluktronics Large @$$ Mousepad with Stitched Edges

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The Eluktronics large @$$ gaming mousepad is a high endurance and thick cloth mouse mat for high-DPI gaming mice. With reinforced stitched edges, you'll have no concern of dreaded peeling over time like the common mousepad. A nonslip rubber base provides stability.  The mousepad is large enough to fit a keyboard and mouse or any Eluktronics* gaming laptop and mouse.*

Designed to fit your Eluktronics laptop plus mouse: This pad gives you all of the real estate to move around with enough space.

Extra Thick: At 3mm's thick, your hand will rest in comfort.

Dimensions: 31" x 11" (Mouse section 13")

What's Included:

Eluktronics Large @$$ Gaming Mousepad
Cylindrical Swarm Gift Box

Warranty: 1 Year USA Based Eluktronics Warranty

*The THICC-17 is just too THICC to fit entirely within the mousepad diameters.


PUBLIC NOTICE: While the mousepads are real, the name choices for selecting your mousepad is just a joke.  If you don't find it funny, please lighten up!  This year feels like groundhog day, COVID-19 sucks and we're just trying to have some fun.


Reviews (2)

Joseph May 5th 2021

Nice and Smooth

Unpackaging this thing for the first time was great, it rolled out and flopped onto the table with a nice plop sound But getting to the point, its a nice quality mouse pad that perfectly fits on my desk. Its super smooth and doesn't really (from what I've seen) get stains on it unless its a stain that's known is hard to get out. And combined with the HIVE mouse that Eluktronics provides, it'd say that its one of the smoothest and lightest PC gaming experiences I've had. (Also I liked the hidden little things on the packaging)

Fredy May 2nd 2021


You know it is a 5-star product when your little daughter tries to sleep over it, right at the moment she saw it for the first time!...

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Additional Info

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