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The MECH-KB is a high quality mechanical gaming keyboard. Featuring a detachable wrist rest and a custom key row height, this keyboard ensures a comfortable experience. With use of the Eluktronics software, you are able to fully customize the RGB effects from a list of presets, or create your own from scratch! It is a breeze to set macros, lock the windows key, or using function media keys on the MECH-KB Keyboard. We put PBT plastic keycaps which are better than the standard ABS plastic so we can guarantee durability. Select from three different mechanical switches to get your preferred key press feel.


Keycaps: Double-shot PBT keycaps (Added durability, stays true in color, doesn't fade it's letter appearance and shouldn’t develop a shine effect over time.)


Switches: RGB Outemu in Blue, Red & Brown (Rated to 60 million presses per key)

  • Blue Switch: Clicky tactile switches which require the most force to actuate.
  • Brown Switch: Tactile switches which spring back quickly. Quiet with no clicky sound. (Most popular)
  • Red Switch: Lightweight actuation force. Most quiet switch, no clicky sound.

Ergonomics: Plastic wrist rest, and the rows of keys have different height and slope


RGB backlight: 6 built in back lighting themes (18 breathing pattern themes). Control effects with the Eluktronics Software, or the key combinations specified in the User Manual.


Package Included:
1 x 104-key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
1 x Wrist Rest
1 x User Manual


Reviews (2)

Larry C. Aug 3rd 2020

Enjoyed it so much, I decided to get one for work.

I was rather surprised at the price, as everywhere I looked, any low profile, but high quality and reliable keyboards were on the more expensive side-over $100 usually for what I was looking for, since low profile keyboards are rarely below $90 bucks. The keys themselves are a joy to type on. Has a very smooth and light surface. The keys sit into a beautifully finished dark alloy metal, which makes this keyboard an unexpected round-table discussion with anyone who observed it, as it looks like something out of star-trek since the low profile of this keyboard, from far away - makes it look like the keys are floating on top of a changing rainbow (I have the vortex RGB lighting scheme as my personal favorite) with the RGB appearing from far away as if I am typing on floating keys over a rainbow, lol, thanks to the very bright and unbelievably smooth transitions that makes it look even more high quality as the RGB transitions are well-timed. It is quite astonishing-again as to how it's so cheap. This keyboard, based on the quality of the double shot key material itself usually costs upwards of close to hundreds to above one hundred dollars or more. Razor by itself charges a crazy amount of money for their keyboard that looks similar to this. Trust me, I've been testing and then "returning" a few keyboards in my search, then I thought of this company, and I am hooked. My 2nd one was ordered yesterday- which will be used for work. My original purchase was with Brown Switches, but for work, I will need less tactile keys, and also I know linear reds (what I ordered) are lighter to engage. This is making me look at other products this company has to offer since I am pretty much sold on the quality offered. If you all want quality, without compromise, and at a price that doesn't even make sense (no, really), then get these why there are still $49 because if you even want close to this quality, you will be paying over $100, period.

Jordan Jul 12th 2019

Great Looking Keyboard

I have the Mech-15 RTX gunmetal and the keyboard matches perfectly. Mechanical is always the way to go!

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