MAX-15 Ultra Light Magnesium Alloy 15.6" Gaming Laptop

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The Eluktronics MAX-15 stakes it's claim as the lightest and first 15.6" gaming laptop to weigh under four pounds! Comprised of magnesium alloy, this system is extremely lightweight.  Competing laptops in this thin & light category require sacrificing to either lower wattage Max-Q graphics or strange designs with an altered keyboard & trackpad layout & still charge a hefty premium. Get ready to enjoy this PC to the max!

Exciting New Features for our 2021:

- Welcome to the premium class Team Red! - AMD CPU options are finally here!

- Bye Bye Nosecam! - You no longer need to worry if you need to cut your nose hairs.  The camera position has been moved to the top!

- Enhanced Thermal Design - The thermals in this chassis were already very impressive, but we're not stopping there.  NVIDIA's next generation hardware permits additional wattage with Dynamic Boost, so we will too!  Going against the trend yet again, we're going ever so slightly thicker than last year to accommodate this revamped design.

- Control Center 3.0 - Choose your battery mode for improved health and cycle of your battery.  Overclocking options at your fingertips.  Select your own CPU PL settings, custom power and fan profiles, GPU wattage and more!

- QHD 2K 165Hz Display - We're making this our new standard!

- 2,500GB LAN - 2.5x Faster than Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Exciting features continuing from last year:

- Covert Gamer - Many in the gaming community asked for an unbranded PC along with many other exciting features, so we went to work!  There is no external branding on the outside of our system except for our name on the regulatory label on the base of the PC.  Looking to customize with our branding?  We offer an optional dbrand® skin to apply and enjoy a unique muted appearance that no manufacturer has ever offered before!  With or without, this PC carries a very professional appearance in environments where other brands are blaring with RGB lights and external color accents everywhere.  If you enjoy having a laptop that can crush anything you throw at it without looking like a child's play-toy, you've come to the right place!

- Integrated MUX Controller - Choose your graphics options depending on your needs with these two options:

Optimus - System automatically chooses between the dedicated GPU and integrated GPU based on application.  Recommended for daily use.
dGPU - Disables the integrated graphics and runs directly off of the graphics card.  A very exciting feature for content creators and gamers, but consumes far more battery life when on the go.
- High Color Production Panels - At a minimum, the MAX-15 display included is 96% sRGB or higher.  Gamers and content creators quite often want the same quality and panel hardware so we're merging them together.  Every unit is individually factory calibrated with a color accuracy delta E < 2h.
- Power Mode Button - Choose your power mode of Office Mode, Gaming Mode or Beast Mode!
- Integrated Smart Amplifier - 4 watts per speaker for better quality and louder sound!

Tech Specs:

Operating System: Windows 10 64-Bit (Clean Installation, No Bloatware)

Processor & Graphics Card Options:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 8 Cores - 16 Threads (2.9-4.2GHz Max Boost Clock) + 6GB GDDR6 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (Max-P TDP: 90~115 Watts, OC Options: Up to 130 Watts with Dynamic Boost*)
  • Intel Core i7-10875H Eight Cores - 16 Threads (2.3-5.1GHz TurboBoost) + 8GB GDDR6 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (Max-P TDP: 115 Watts, OC Options: TGP Adjustable up to 125 Watts + 15 Watts via Dynamic Boost for a maximum of 140 Watts*)
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 8 Cores - 16 Threads (3.2-4.4GHz Max Boost Clock) + 16GB GDDR6 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 (Max-P TDP: 115 Watts, OC Options: TGP Adjustable up to 125 Watts + 15 Watts via Dynamic Boost for a maximum of 140 Watts!*)

Display: 15.6" Narrow Bezel QHD IPS-Type 165Hz Anti-Glare Display (2560 x 1440)

Memory & Storage Configuration Options:

  • 512GB Samsung PM991 Ultra Performance PCIe NVMe SSD + Samsung 16GB DDR4 3200MHz (2 Dimm)
  • 1TB Samsung PM991 Ultra Performance PCIe NVMe SSD + Samsung 32GB DDR4 3200MHz (2 Dimm)

Internal Expansion: One empty M.2 PCIe bay *Not applicable when a secondary PCIe SSD storage option is selected.

Optical Drive: N/A

Wireless: Intel® WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.1

Keyboard: Premium Membrane RGB Backlit Keyboard plus 10-key numeric keypad

Light Bar: Customizable RGB Light Bar

Mouse: Glass Microsoft Precision (PTP) Touchpad with multi-gesture & scrolling function

Webcam: IR Webcam with Windows Hello Support & dual digital microphones

Ports: 1 USB Type-C Port with DP Connectivity, 1 HDMI x 2.1, 1 USB 3.1 (Gen 2), 2 USB 3.1 (Gen 1), 4-In-1 MicroSD Card Reader, 2,500GB Ethernet RJ-45, Audio out & Mic In, Kensington Lock slot

Audio: THX Spatial Audio with Smart Amplifier

Power: 230 Watt AC Adapter

Battery: 4-Cell 62.32Whr Extended Life Polymer

Dimensions: 13.97 x 9.29 x 0.78"

Weight: 3.84lbs

Warranty: One Year standard (optional up three years) with lifetime USA based technical support!

*Subject to temperatures.  Max capability for hardware advertised.  Our motherboard design is safely capable of handling this type of wattage without damaging the hardware.  The overclocking options in our latest Control Center is designed for advanced users and recommended to be tuned based on a user's preference of performance, hardware and even skin temperatures.  Office and Gaming mode passes our acoustic and skin criteria, but please take caution with Beast mode.  We've made it our mission to provide our customers with the ability to push their hardware to the max capability which this system can safely offer at a hardware level, but certain areas of the system may be very hot to the touch.  Play safely and don't say we didn't warn you;)


Reviews (14)



I purchased this model barebones (other than the processor) added 32 gb of ram and a 1tb Samsung 870 Pro. Win10 Pro loaded ultra fast, (I have many laptops to compare against this, I own a 6th gen Northwest Falcon 17&quot;, two lower line Eluks NBTZ50&#039;s one a rebuild due to a damaged motherboard with a I7 engineering sample processor, and a Evoc Clevo 9th gen with a Custom Prema Bios and none of these compare in speed and weight and quality and ease of access to the internals to change ram, wifi card a and drives. If the webcam location is sales breaker then you should buy a real webcam as no laptop has a top notch camera and mic system. Overall you can&#039;t buy a better laptop at this price range and not this light in weight with a all mag chassis not plastic, and only a Prema bios option would be the icing on this cake!!! BTW, a little difficult to load the Thunderbolt driver from the Eluk driver downloads as installing from executable does not work as you will have a device with an unloaded driver in the device manager list. (uncompress all drivers for this machine and point to surrounding folder for all (Place all in one folder) and update driver for unknown base device and driver will manually load as Win 10 will locate the proper driver from the drivers in the folder and load it for you.) Also, by default NVIDIA 2070 will not be the primary video unless this is changed in the bios.

Jay Dec 18th 2020

Good, but with some notable oddities

I&#039;ll start off with a disclaimer- This is the only eluktronics product I have ever bought, and I do not have much indication (outside of other reviews) if my experience is normal. Moving on. First of all- the computer is generally great performance wise. Though, there are some hiccups that I&#039;m suspicious about, but I feel that those lean more towards my paranoia than anything else. One thing I will mention is that the fans get LOUD when they get going. I pretty much always use headphones, so not much of an issue for me, but if you&#039;re trying to listen to something when the fans are going you&#039;re gonna need to pump up the volume, and the speakers aren&#039;t the best in the world (frankly speaking, the speakers are actually about equivalent to my last laptop. But that one was bought several years ago for 1k) Working on the computer is great. The keyboard is pretty responsive, and the backlight is nice. Though the backlight does turn off whenever I unplug it, and I cannot seem to find a way to turn it back on while unplugged. It does come on instantly when I plug it back in however. The screen quality is fantastic, and using browsers and such is extremely smooth. A+ there. Now onto my main gripes. The entire computer (at least the base) is uneven. Pressing on the bottom left porton when the computer is open causes the entire computer to tilt like a table in a restraunt resting on an uneven surface. This seems to be due to the rubber stands on the bottom being uneven and are frankly the most annoying bit I&#039;ve had with the computer over the two weeks or so I&#039;ve had it. The keyboard seems to be ever so slightly lower towards the left-middle, as if sagging by just a couple milimeters (not enough to effect working really). There were some odd, large scratches (two primarily, and closer to smears I suppose? About the width of a pinkie (relatively small one) and about as long, one smaller than the other) on the top of the laptop towards the bottom right (screen closed, as if you are about to open it.) But have no affect besides that due to me including the D-Brand skin (though I chose the option to just apply it myself). Besides those issues mentioned above, I&#039;ve yet to discover any other problem with computer, and so far it&#039;s been great, despite not giving me the best of hopes when coming out of the package. Hopefully I don&#039;t discover anymore, but due to college I&#039;ve not been able to fully test out its performance in some higher-end graphics games and don&#039;t know if problems will arise then. Overall, good computer.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Eluktronics warrants this Eluktro Pro laptop within the USA for the length which is selected during customization. "No ADH" also known as "accidental damage handling" means the PC will not be covered under any circumstance of human error (ie: drops or liquid spills). The boxes and packaging included with your purchase is specially designed to securely ship the PC and contents. Please hold on to all provided packaging during the warranty period for ease and security of transit if a physical repair is required. Customer assumes responsibility to attain necessary shipping materials to securely package the PC if original packaging has been disposed. Eluktronics Inc will cover shipping to and from customer with a provided prepaid label within the USA. If the product has been brought outside of the USA, customer will be liable for shipping to and from location plus any customs or duties assessed. Eluktronics Inc assumes no liability for PC's which have been exported. Reasons include loss or damage during cargo/freight forwarding or possible defect upon arrival. Additionally, power supplies, connections and wattage's are specific to each region.
Processor (CPU):
Optional Intel or AMD
Display Type:
Up to 15.6" QHD IPS-Type 165Hz
Windows 10 Operating System:
Up to Windows 10 Professional
Graphics Card (GPU):
Up to NVIDIA RTX 3080
Keyboard Type:
Membrane RGB Zoned Backlit
Battery Size:
60 to 65WHr
Under 4 Pounds
Ready To Ship or Customize To Order:
Customize To Order
Thunderbolt 3 Port: