Eluktronics MECH-15 G2 Slim & Light Series 15.6-Inch Intel Hexa-Core i7-8750H NVIDIA® GeForce® 1060 GTX Premium Gaming Laptop with per-key RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Set your sights on the MECH-15 G2, Eluktronics second iteration of a gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard.  This second generation substantially reduces z-height, adds metal to the design structure and a completely revamped mechanical keyboard.  This beautiful system offers a 15.6" display in the frame of a 14" chassis thanks to an extremely thin and narrow bezel design.  An extremely thin form factor at just .86" offers Intel's 8th generation six-core processor and Nvidia's 1060 graphics.  The impressive thermal design allows for a regular 1060 graphics option instead of a lower performing Max-Q edition as well.  This is the thinnest laptop on the market with a mechanical keyboard and it even features per-key RGB backlighting with the ability to remove and replace key caps and an RGB light bar.  Change each and every key color to your liking or choose from fun sequences while maintaining the tactile response in which mechanical keyboards provide.  Crank your settings up to ultra and prepare for the future of gaming with Eluktronics!

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Hexa Core (2.2-4.10GHz TurboBoost, 9MB L3 Cache)

Core Logic: Mobile Intel® HM370 Express Chipset

RAM:Customer optional two empty DDR4 sodimm slots (capable up to 2666MHz)

Display Options:

  • 15.6" Narrow Bezel 60Hz Full HD IPS-Type* 72% NTSC Anti-Glare Display (1920 x 1080)
  • 15.6" Narrow Bezel 144Hz Full HD IPS 72% NTSC Anti-Glare Display (1920 x 1080)

Graphics Card: 6GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060

M.2 SATA or PCIe SSD Drive:  Customer option PCIe/SATA M.2 bay

Secondary M.2 SATA or PCIe SSD Drive:Customer option PCIe/SATA M.2 bay

RAID 0/1: Optional support for PCIe RAID with matching PCIe configurations

2.5" SSD/HDD SATA III Storage Bay:Customer option 7mm bay

Optical Drive: N/A

Wireless: Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 9560 2x2 + Bluetooth 4.2

Keyboard: Premium full size NKRO (N-Key Rollover) mechanical per-key RGB backlit gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting, 10-key numeric keypad & removable key caps.  This is the thinnest laptop in the industry with a mechanical keyboard!

Light Bar: Customizable RGB Light Bar

Pointing (internal mouse) & Color Options: Built-in touchpad with multi-gesture and scrolling function

  • Gunmetal Gray: This color will match the rest of your chassis.
  • Black: Adds a black accent to your gunmetal chassis. This color will match the mechanical keyboard.  (*As pictured)

Webcam: HD Webcam and Array Mic

Ports: 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 3.1 Type-C, 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI x 2.0, 2 Mini DisplayPort v1.4, 4-In-1 Card Reader, Gigabit Ethernet RJ45, Audio out & Mic In, Kensington Lock slot

Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio

Power Adapter: 150 Watt AC Adapter

Battery: 3-Cell 46.74Wh Polymer

Product Dimensions: 14.13" x 9.29" x 0.86"

Weight: Starting at 4.4lbs

Color: Gunmetal Gray - Maintain a professional appearance while standing out from the typical black and red gaming laptops of the world!

Warranty: 1 Year Eluktronics Limited**

Eluktronics is proud to offer USA based support.  You will speak with a knowledgeable I.T. professional who builds these PC's every day.  Reach out for fast and clear assistance in the event of an unfortunate issue!

*InPlane Switching aka "IPS" is a trademark of LG Philips LCD Ltd.  This panel offers wide viewing angles and technology very similar to IPS, but technically can not be claimed as an IPS panel because it's not produced by LG, hence the "IPS-Type".

**Eluktronics does not recommend purchasing a barebone laptop (no selected operating system, RAM & SSD/HDD) unless you have a strong background or technical experience in I.T.  Technical Support from Eluktronics without the selection of authorized hardware will be very limited.  These systems are exclusively designed and supported for Windows 10.  Linux and Windows 7 will receive no driver support.


Reviews (17)

Josh Nov 14th 2018

Best Value

This computer is the best value you can get for the specs it has. I was looking for a high performance laptop like this, but all the main brands we're well above 2k for the specs I needed. This computer has it all, it has a great cpu, a great graphics chip, and the screen is top notch 144hz. The big bonus is the mechanical keyboard that is individually lit. It feels a bit small and wierd at first but you soon fall in love with typing on this keyboard! I had a raid set up with two ssd drives fail and had some trouble when I first got it, but customer support worked with me and we got it working again. The computer has been solid for weeks, I have a feeling I messed with the settings when downloading Adobe. Only 2 downsides. First the chipset it is running gets very hot and the computer is so thin that you can feel the heat in the aluminum - however the cooling management and fan set up are great and I haven't seen any performance issues. The fans do get extremely loud. Lastly the speakers are absolute garbage, so make sure to get a headset and stereo. Other than those couple things the computer is perfect for the price. You cannot find a better laptop for under 2k!

Truitt Wilson Oct 27th 2018

An amazing value with a lot to offer, but still needs some fine adjustment

You'll find that for the money, you can't find a better laptop with comparable specs out there at the same price this one is offered at without compromising on the screen, size, or weight. This laptop is lightning fast, handles games great, and is fantastically portable. This isn't to mention the included RGB mechanical keyboard, IPS 144Hz screen with impressively small bezels, and stylish but not flashy design. Performance: -Overall, it is good but not great. I do feel like it could handle the heat that the GTX1060 puts out better if it came with a more quality thermal paste. They offered better paste at an inflated price on their website, but this option should have honestly been the only option offered. The fans do kick up, and it will throttle in games like Destiny 2. I wish it could get smooth 80-90 fps to take advantage of the higher refresh rate screen I opted to pay more for, but often find myself in the 50-60 range when action picks up. Keyboard: -A large selling point this laptop has is its full layout mechanical keyboard with full RGB. I love the fully customizable keys that the included software has and all the modes they included. You'll find out quickly that this keyboard has some severe drawbacks you'll need to consider ahead of time. Obviously the layout is forced to be closer together spacing-wise to accommodate the number pad on the right. While it is very impressive for them to get the keyboard to the VERY edge of both edges of the laptop, you will find it hard to adjust to at first with the right shift key being shorter, arrow keys closer than what you're used to, and all keys a lot closer together than your average keyboard. It comes with the territory though so I can't fault Eluktronics for that. -The largest negative you'll dislike the most about this keyboard is its inconsistency. You'll often find yourself thinking you hit a key because you heard the click, but no character would register. This happens the most on the spacebar and you'll oftentypewords mashed together. Training yourself to type harder on the spacebar is something I've found myself having to do. This isn't even mentioning the inconsistency you'll find between the sound of the clicks when typing. My "s" key is noticeably higher pitch in sound when hit compared to my "h". It's a picky detail, but it's there for improvement for the next generation I hope. Software: -Their software included with the laptop looks like it was thoughtfully designed and handles all the features you'd expect from other parties like Razer or Corsair in RGB lighting. Very well done for the RGB side of things. -Including utilities like the fan controls and misc. settings are often helpful for what I need the laptop for. -My biggest gripe is that it doesn't go far enough. If I want to push my fan to max, I can do that. If I want to set it to a lower speed however, I'm limited to how low I can go. Conclusion: I wanted a laptop that was thin, light, could play games, had a high refresh rate screen, a mechanical keyboard, small bezels.......all for under $1,500. This is the only one on the market I managed to find below that price. It's impressive and it will serve you well. Eluktronics' build quality is certainly good and not a knock-off by any means, but they need to include better thermals, the option for a larger battery, and a more consistent keyboard to earn 5 stars in my book. I hope to see improvements like those in their next iteration of this machine.

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Additional Info

MECH-15 G2